May, 2014


This project was a collaborative effort that combined students from different media courses (TV Studies, Digital Media Design, Radio Studies & Scriptwriting) and provided them with a live brief. We were asked to create a series of comedy shorts, or "blaps" to fit the remit of the Channel 4 online personality. We had to be risky, cutting edge, but most importantly, funny. 

Our series was based around real-life versions of classic fairytale characters who were all members of a support group, due to their variety of different issues. The group was run by reformed criminal Goldilocks, as part of her community service, and we as an audience get to explore certain characters and how they ended up in this dreary situation. 

We as a group were very pleased with this idea and so went ahead with it at full speed. All stages of production were a success as we were lucky to be such a likeminded group. Along with the short videos, we also made a website and a podcast that tied in with the theme of the piece.

Once complete, our group had to present our idea to the rest of the year - We decided to go with a rhyming presentation to tie into our work and it was received with the upmost acclaim by the other students. Our overall piece also received very positive feedback and we account this to our strong, collaborative efforts. 

Cast (In Order):

The Big Bad Wolf - David Wylie

Puss in Boots - James Cottle

Red Riding Hood - Libby Odai

Alice in Wonderland - Lucy Redgrave

Goldilocks - Tiffany Hannam-Daniels

Snow White - Jade Garstang

Peter Pan - Matthew Hessey

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