April, 2015


This piece of work took me massively out of my comfort zone, yet it was still incredibly enjoyable to write. 

At the time I wrote this I had become infatuated with Scandinavian Crime Dramas - Fortitude, The Killing, The Bridge etc. so I felt it would be interesting to have a go at creating my own version of a one-off crime drama. I had never explored this genre before and so a lot of research had to be done in preparation. 

The story is based around an Icelandic Police officer working in a small town in northern Norway. She has dedicated her life to solving the mystery of a series of murders that seem to have taken place without a present weapon. Her hard work does not go without reward however as she is soon promoted, yet the celebrations do not last long. On her way home she is attacked and loses her memory. Things seem hopeless until she begins to regain her mind through certain clues that were linked to her case. Its a long and difficult journey for her but eventually she ends up solving the mystery and slowly begins to rebuild her life. 

This is an interesting and complex drama, particularly for a first attempt, and was genuinely an extremely fun piece to write.