March, 2013


This parody of a John Lewis Christmas advert was created as part of my A-Level Media coursework back when I was in my second year of Sixth-Form.

These adverts always fascinated me due to their ability to evoke emotional reactions from their viewers, a key factor as to why each year they become a viral hit around the Christmas period. Since the first John Lewis advert of this kind debuted in 2011 it has become a definite trend that other major brands have also adopted. Each year you can guarantee there'll be rivalry over who will produce the best and most emotional Christmas campaign. This is simply my attempt to capture the magic of those adverts.


Writer, Producer, Camera Operator, Director, Editor:

Gemma Grange


Charlotte O'Toole

Kieran Smith

Julie Grange

Colin Grange

NW5 - Madness, 2006

Covered by:

Amy Bache & Martin Lilley