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May, 2016


A village in peril. An army on the march. A Goddess that must be returned.

Morrigan was my first attempt at writing both an animation and a feature-length script. This piece took months to complete and drastically changed from first development to final draft. I like to think this script demonstrates my development as a writer throughout my University years and I will always be proud of it.

Essentially I wanted to write a script that encapsulated all of my interests and turn it into something unique. I started by combining two very different genres (historical drama and fantasy) and developed my world and characters from there. The story is set in a time period that is hardly ever explored in entertainment media, let alone animation, and was fully researched in order to be as accurate as possible. 

The story is centred around a young Celtic boy who, upon a visit to the forrest one day, accidentally turns the Goddess of Death into a human. It then becomes his sole responsibility to send her back to the spirit plane as his world is not able to function without death, however the Goddess is captured by the enemy who use her as a weapon against her own people. It is a complex and rich narrative that focuses on themes of identity, friendship and trust. 

This feature was heavily influenced by films such as Princess Mononoke, (1997) as well as other mature animations, and it was interesting to explore this style in an Anglicised historical setting. I feel as if this film would benefit being produced by a company such as Cartoon Saloon or Laika Studios due to their similar works, themes and beautiful animation styles.