April - October 2015


Back in 2015 I was lucky enough to do some work experience with Cambridge-based theatre company, Sky Blue Theatre Company. Most famous for their work with young actors and schools, they also the founders of The British Theatre Challenge - An event in which play-writes can submit a short script original in the hope that it becomes one of the top 10, which are then produced, staged and performed at a South London theatre in front of many notable critics of the arts world.

My main role was as a producer, yet I also performed as a script reader and helped the company select their top 10 scripts out of hundreds of applicants. Some of my duties included finding suitably located rehearsal spaces and negotiating prices accordingly, headhunting stage crews, searching for actors and taking part in the audition process and liaising with the winning play-writes on the night of the shows.

I was also put in charge of many other tasks as well, such as fundraising for the company, producing PR and advertising documents for the show and helping tally the votes for the winning plays. 

This was one of the greatest experiences in my life and really gave me a taste of what a career in a fast-paced creative setting was like. I am proud to say that I worked for this company as they truly seem to be doing great things for both the theatre and new writers.    

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