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December, 2016


This was the first major piece of work I did as part of my Postgraduate studies. After three years on focusing solely on writing for film and television, I felt as if I wanted to take a different path and potentially explore another passageway into the industry. I decided to focus my MA studies on gaming.

Of course, I am no games technician and have very little idea of how developing a game works. This piece of work is incredibly simple, yet it allowed me to explore a different writing environment as well as sparking a passion for conceptual design. 

The "game" itself is a simple point-and-click PC game, but is also a callback to the classic "choose your own adventure" novels due to the interactivity of the story. This was also an interesting personal development point; Learning how to create a coherent multi-strand story. Again the example in this document is very basic, but this was something I had never explored before.

I would like to keep this project on the back-burner and hopefully develop it more when I have the time and resources.